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Date published: 04/01/2015
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Concrete Pressure Water Cleaning in Sydney, Australia- Squirt Blaster

Concrete Cleaning & Sealing, Sydney

High pressure water cleaning. We clean dirty concrete and seal stencil concrete driveways.

Concrete Cleaning

Cleaning and sealing your driveway can add thousands to the value of your property. SquirtBlaster specialise in high pressure water cleaning dirty old concrete, with up to 4000 pounds of water pressure even the most stubborn of dirty driveways are no match.

Get piece of mind knowing that SquirtBlaster is a licenced contractor with over 20 years experience in cleaning and sealing concrete surfaces. This means you will get the ultimate professional on your job.

Cleaning pool surrounds, driveways, paths, brick work, fences and removing graffiti are our specialities. Give us a call for a free quote!

Concrete Cleaning Sydney, Squirt Blaster

Sealing Services

The two best products for sealing concrete driveways are Acrylic and Polyurethane polymers with performance qualities that outlast any other competitor.

Due to the UV from the Sun and not to mention wear and tear from trafficable areas sealers do break down over time, so it is recommended to clean and seal your driveway every 12 to 18 months.

Sealing or resealing a stencilled concrete surface not only returns the semi-gloss look but reinvigorates the colour and protects from stains and ingress dirt.

If you have any questions about concrete cleaning and sealing just give us a call.

Concrete Sealing Sydney, Squirt Blaster